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S Tax is a division of the VAT IT Group.

Withholding tax is a statutory tax that is levied on a company when they are performing services in a region where they are a non-resident

As a foreign supplier, this leaves you in a position where you may be double taxed – once in the country where your services were performed and additionally in your local jurisdiction where you are taxed on worldwide income

We assist our clients in ensuring that they receive due tax relief in the event of double taxation on income and capital (dividends, Interest, Royalties, other income etc )

We even ensure they are taxed correctly in accordance with the relevant treaties and that you have all the requisite compliant documentation for your cross-border transactions to ensure that you receive the tax relief that is due

If domestic taxation applied is higher than the conventional basis, non-resident taxpayers can claim a refund of all or part of taxes paid and not due according to conventional provisions.


What makes us different?

Meridian Vat Italia
  • We are Entrepreneurs

  • We understand what it takes to grow a business internationally.

  • We are everywhere in the world

  • We have a global footprint across 40 International hubs and provide services in over 100 countries.

  • We have experience and know-how of how to reduce the withholding tax rate applied to the correct rate, as well as instituting recovery, retrospectively, for prior incorrect withholdings, in lots of countries



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Our team is made up of qualified chartered accountants, lawyers and international tax experts to ensure that you receive the highest quality service.

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